L.A. Noire: The Golden Butterfly Case Guide

A guide for L.A. Noire case The Golden Butterfly. Follow this guide to find all the clues, answer all the questions correctly, and get a five-star rating. This is Phelps’ second case on the Homicide Desk. After a very short introduction, it’s time to go to the crime scene to get started on the case.

Crime Scene

When you arrive at the crime scene, there is a brief cut-scene with the captain filling you in on some details of the case. After the cut-scene walk over to the officer standing by the police barrier. He will walk you up to the crime scene, where you can talk to the coroner for more information about the murder. Then it’s time to start looking around for clues.

First, investigate the body. Look at the head, and move it to the left to show the victims neck, giving you the clue: Rope pattern. Investigate the victim’s left hand to see another piece of missing jewelry, but this doesn’t give you a clue. Investigate her other arm to find out that her watch was torn off; this will get you the clue: Missing jewelry. I’m not sure, but you might have to check both arms to get the Missing jewelry clue. Investigate her torso to find the clue: Small men’s footprint.

After you are done investigating the body, look around the crime scene for other clues. At marker B, next to the tree, you can look at the ground, but this doesn’t give you a clue. Go over to marker C to look in the victims purse. On the left side of the purse, you find the victim’s name: Deidre Moller. On the right side of the purse, you can look at her folding money, but this doesn’t give you a clue. When you are done looking at the purse, you get a response back from R. & I. letting you know the address of the victim. It’s your only lead, so head over to the Moller Residence to continue your investigation.

Moller Residence

When you arrive at the Moller Residence, a girl will answer the door. After the cut-scene, look around the house for clues before you question the girl. In Mr. and Mrs. Moller‘s bedroom on the floor by the window, you will find the clue: Size eight work boots. On the dresser in the same room, you will find an empty watch case and an empty ring box, which will update your clue: Missing jewelry. These are all the clues for now.

Head back into the living room to talk to the girl. Here are the questions:

  • Missing watch and rings >> Choose “Truth.”
  • Last contact with victim >> Choose “Doubt.” This will give you the clue: Husband’s alibi.
  • State of parents’ marriage >> Choose “Doubt.” This will give you the clue: Butterfly brooch.

As soon as you are done with your questions, Mr. Moller comes home and is very upset to find you there. He sits down and you start to question him:

  • Footprints at crime scene >> Choose “Lie,” and use the clue Size eight work boots as evidence.
  • Missing persons report >> Choose “Doubt.”
  • Albi for Hugo Moller >> Choose “Lie,” and use the clue Husband’s alibi as evidence.
  • History of violence >> Choose “Lie,” and use the clue Butterfly brooch as evidence.

After your questions, there is a brief cut-scene. Your next objective is to go talk to the neighbor across the street. While you are talking, she spots Moller by his incinerator. You go over to stop him burning whatever he is burning, and he tries to flee. Chase him down. If you are quick enough, you can tackle him and unlock the L.A. Noire Asphalt Jungle Achievement if you don’t have it already. After you have apprehended Moller, investigate the incinerator to find the clue: Bloody shoes. Some officers will then show up to take Moller down town.

Before leaving the Moller Residence, go use the phone by the street to trace the address for the Belmont High School. Head there to continue the case.

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    • says

      I’m sorry you only got one star. I got 5 stars on this case and wrote this guide based on what I did.

      Your star rating is comprised of many things. Getting all the clues and handling all the questions correctly is necessary to getting five stars. Also, in cases like this, you have to make sure you charge the right suspect. Another thing to keep in mind is that your behavior throughout the rest of the case can hurt your rating. For instance, even if you find all the clues and answer all the questions correctly but rack up thousands of dollars in vehicle and personal penalties, you will not have a good star rating.

      Try to replay the case without getting any penalties (one good way to do this is to let your partner drive so you don’t run over anybody). I hope this helps.

  1. Joe says

    only got 4 stars. racked up $1647 of damage (no hiding from this; my reckless driving) but i missed one clue probably a mistake on my part mind. really great walkthroughs thanks a lot :)

    • says

      Thanks for your comment, Joe. There’s a good chance that your penalties held you back from that fifth star. If you play through it again, you might want to make your partner drive you around; doing it that way really helped me keep my penalties down.

  2. MaRc says

    This guide is amazing 😀 There’s only thing. I keep missing one clue and that is the footprints. I mean I spot them at the crime scene but it still doesn’t show up in the interigation. I look around for anything else but nothing. Is there something i’m missing?

  3. Keen says

    Between the high school and heading to the police station you state that you must go to the morgue to continue the case. When I finished scheduling the interviews I had to proceed directly there. The wasn’t an option for me to go to the morgue. Consequently I missed a clue and was only able to obtain a four star rating.

    Great job on the guide! I find it very helpful. Just wondering if this was a glitch or possibly a new patch for the game.

  4. bree says

    thank you for everything on this case! i got 4 stars and i only missed 1 clue! but again, thanks for everything! (:

  5. la noire platinum says

    i got to say that you make prob. the best case guides i have seen on internet !! thank you very much your guides have been very helpful 😉

  6. Nathan Long says

    This case infuriated me. Phelps asks the coroner to check the blood on Moller’s shoes, but you never get to learn if it’s a match for his wife or not, and you can’t use that evidence in your interrogation. Is this a bug? There’s no way I would have questioned the suspects without having that info that first.

  7. Ondra says

    Well, I just finished the case. I did almost everything according your guide. However, somewhere I overlooked one clue. At the final interrogation of Eli Rooney, the last question (footprints at crime scene) is missing, I couldn’t ask him for that. However, I charged him with the Moller’s murder and captain Donelly subsequently congratulated me (first time). However, it still doesn’t make sense to me. Everything pointed to Moller – always lying, the footprints, burning evidence, the tire iron, the overall found in his wife’s car.. I would even believe Rooney that he found the golden butterfly. Besides that, Rooney is a pedophile. Why would he be interested in mature women?

  8. Ondra says

    By the way, I noticed one mistake in the game. The dispatcher in radio, after Rooney chase, talkes about Mrs. Hugo Moller’s vehicle.

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