Hippy-Stomper Duke Nukem Forever Achievement

Hippy-Stomper AchievementThe Duke Nukem Forever Hippy-Stomper Achievement requires the player to “foot stomp 12 aliens” and will give 20 gamer points when unlocked. Follow this brief achievement guide to find out the best way to unlock this Duke Nukem Forever Achievement.

You might be asking yourself: “How do I foot stomp an alien?” That’s an excellent question. To foot stomp an alien, the alien must be shrunk. In Duke Nukem Forever, you will encounter some aliens who are already shrunk, and other aliens you can shrink with the shrink ray gun. If you are shrunk too, you won’t be able to foot stomp them. You must be normal size.

When you are normal size and the alien is shrunk, run (push in on the left stick on Xbox 360) towards the alien, and look down to see Duke do a foot stomp.

The best chapter to do this is the Duke Burger. In one area of the Duke Burger, you will enter a room where there are many shrunk pig cops under cups. As I explained above, just run over them to give them a good foot stomp. There aren’t 12 of them in this room, though. To get the others, you will need to continue to the end of the Duke Burger mission.

At the end of the mission, you are on the roof of the Duke Burger waiting for evacuation. While you are waiting, a lot of alien ships keep coming and dropping of pig cops and other alien bad guys. If you look by the dead body on the roof, you can find a shrink ray gun. Use this shrink ray gun on the aliens that are dropped off to attack you, run over them like I described, and you will easily unlock the Duke Nukem Forever Hippy-Stomper Achievement.

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