Warning: Google Glass Inspires Competitors

Since Google’s announcement of the Google Glass beta program last week, competitors Apple and Microsoft have been inspired to concoct their own versions of the technology.

Google Glass, Apple iGlass, Microsoft Windows Glass
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Reporters remark on the novelty of Google Glass and its innovation. Experts anticipate similar devices from other industry players in the near future.

Apple’s model, codename iGlass, will feature a sleeker design and over-the-top marketing campaigns.

Microsoft’s version is set for release the following year.¬†Windows Glass will be uncomfortable, aesthetically horrific, and barely functional. Despite the superior functionality and design of the other models, Microsoft representatives say they still anticipate large sales figures.

Illustrated by Brian Ott.

Based on a convo
with Redditor JonathonT22

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  1. J. says

    Sadly, each and everyone of those ideas will crash and fail if there is no gesture-based control schema. Google, Microsoft, and Apple can all lease my patents on that, though, if that’s what they’re into.

  2. gwynnbleidd129 says

    this would complement glass greatly (regarding gesture-based controls) – if it really works as well as advertised.

    (thanks for this awesome link goes to chedda@reddit)

    • says

      Great video! Thanks for sharing.

      Gesture-based controls have so many potential applications, I hope the companies making these devices can integrate them well.

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