Halo 4 War Games Daily: Fully Automated, In the Back

Today’s challenges in Halo 4 War Games Daily — Fully Automated and In the Back — would have both been very simple to get on the FFA Throwback game type. Unfortunately, that was removed from the Halo 4 War Games playlist this week. So, we’ll have to get creative to get these challenges.

Regicide in Halo 4

Fully Automated (2450 XP)

“Get 13 kills with an Automatic Loadout Weapon in a single match.”

Getting 13 kills in one match can be a struggle for some, even without the weapon restriction. To make this simpler, picking a free-for-all game type will make this easier because there are more targets. On the flip side of that coin is the fact that there are more people targeting you, but unless you run out into the open all the time, non-stop, then you won’t draw much attention.

Since the FFA Throwback game type was removed from the playlist, the only free-for-all game types are Flood and Regicide. There are no automatic weapons in Flood, so Regicide is going to be your best bet. Of course, you can also get this challenge in almost every other game type, excluding Flood (as mentioned) or SWAT (it also has no automatic weapons).

This challenge is similar to the Spray and Pray challenge featured earlier this month. The biggest difference is that this challenge has to be completed within one match. Just like the Spray and Pray challenge, the only kills done with an Automatic Loadout weapon count. This includes:

  • UNSC Assault Rifle
  • Covenant Storm Rifle
  • Promethean Suppressor

Ordinance weapons like the SAW do not count.

An important note: If you are on a larger map such as Complex, you should either forget about the challenge until you get on a smaller map, or stay indoors. If you try to fight in the open with an automatic weapon, you will be killed by DMRs and Battle Rifles that are out of your range.

In the Back (1400 XP)

“Assassinate 3 Players.”

If you play enough matches, it should not be hard to rack up 3 assassinations.

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