How to Leave a Facebook Message Conversation

Facebook Message ConversationIf you have been on Facebook for any amount of time at all, I’m sure you have experienced a massive Facebook message conversation. It may (or may not) start off as something useful, but more often than not these conversations quickly descend into a spammy mess. Thankfully, there is a way to opt out.

How Did You Get into this Mess?

Here is a break down of how you probably get involved with these inbox fillers:

  • One of your Facebook friends (whether she is a real friend, an acquaintance, or some random stranger with a cool profile pic) decides to send a message to everyone she is friends with, including you.
  • The original message might contain some useful information, so you read it.
  • Then other people included in the message (most of whom you probably don’t even know) start “replying to all” with messages of questionable value.
  • Your inbox seems to overflow as notifications on your smartphone or browser start popping up every few minutes telling you there is some more useless dribble that demands your attention.

    Massive Group Facebook Message Conversation

    100+ People in One Facebook Message Conversation

Say “No!” to Facebook Message Spam

If you are frustrated by all these notifications about a conversation you don’t care about, you can easily opt out.

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the message conversation in question. In the top right corner, click on the “Actions” menu.

Leave A Facebook Message Conversation


About halfway down the menu, click on “Leave Conversation…” This will open up a confirmation window.


Leave Facebook Message Conversation Confirmation


Click “Leave Conversation” and you won’t get anymore notifications or messages in your inbox from this conversation. As the confirmation window says, though, other people in the conversation will be able to see that you opted out.


Others See when you Leave a Facebook Message Conversation
Others can see when you Leave a Facebook Message Conversation


This may deter you from leaving the conversation if you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but for your own sake and sanity sometimes you have to break some social media hearts and leave a Facebook message conversation.

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