HTC EVO Icons: What Sprint Forgot to Tell You

The AndroidYou know those notifications icons that show up in the status bar of your HTC EVO? How often do you look at them and wonder, “What the heck does that mean?” For a complete run-down of all the possible HTC EVO icons that might show up in that status bar, take a look at this chart.


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Top image by MJ/TR (´・ω・)

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  1. tony22tone says

    There is an icon on my status bar for htc evo not listed on this looks like an ear with two waves emitting to the right side of it..alot like the speaker phone icon but an ear instead of a phone symbol .. why can’t I get rid off it? Please help

    • says

      Thanks for your comment, Nina. You’re right. This isn’t an exhaustive list. If you find any others, let us know, please. Thank you!

  2. cheryl says

    What does the icon ( inthe status bar) ” EN ” in a little square box mean? Everytime i try to text someone it comes up and then i get a ” sms failure” notification….. Please help

  3. CECE says


    • says

      If your phone is showing the headphone icon when there aren’t any headphones plugged in, there may be a mechanical problem. You should contact the support department of your phone’s manufacturer.

  4. Leti says

    My phone (htc evo 3d) is showing the battery grey with an upside down exclamaiton mark, what does that mean? It started 2 days ago after I did a software upgrade.

  5. jay says

    I would like to know as well.. I’m getting that notification too… Then when I plug in my charger, my LED light flashes back and forth from red to gree.

  6. mikel says

    I’m showing an icon ony phone that I’m not able to tell what it means.
    it is in the batter icon and an explanation mark appears. phone still works just don’t know what it means. thanks

  7. Nicole says

    I have 2 symbols that each have 3 lines kind of similar to the signal strength but they are both on the left side in the corner and wont go away. when i open the notifications it says one is at 0% and the other is at 60% i can not figure out how to clear these it has said the same thing and percent for 2 days. please help!

  8. Lajojeta says

    I can’t pull my notification bar down from any screen. I can get the notifications from the menu however. Any ideas what has happened and how to fix it?

  9. Tanya says

    I have an icon in the upper left that looks like a cog or mutli pointed star with an arrow pointing down in the middle of it….does anyone know what this means? I have looked online and I can not find a reference to it anywhere.

    Thanks for any help!

  10. amy says

    Ok my question is when u slide down the notification bar and u have all those apps u used at the top thy u can slide left or right to see them all,how do u get rid of them I can’t hold down n delete it won’t let me please help thanks …

    • says

      Some apps create permanent icons in your notifications. I have the Lookout security app on my phone (which, by the way, is a very good security app). It runs all the time, so I always have the Lookout shield icon in my notification bar. Other apps can operate in a similar way, and unless there are some settings that allow you to change that behavior in the actual app itself, then the only way to get rid of those would be to delete the app that’s causing them.

  11. Becky says

    Can’t find a description ofc this one anywhere.. on the device status side, next to battery and signal strength icon, I saw an arrow pointing up, it was an open arrow – wider than the upload and download icons. I only saw it one time a few days ago. It went away and I have not seen it since.

  12. hydrostatic says

    i have an htc evo shift. when the screen is locked i get an icon in the upper left corner. it looks like a white square with the upper right corner cut. then it has a circle over it with a line thru it. what does this mean?

  13. hydrostatic says

    ok i see it may mean that sim card is missing. do i need a sim card? i don’t see where one is to be installed. i flashed the phone to cricket and running a windows 8 theme. everything seems to be running fine and have service, once i unlock the screen and go into the phone its gone until the screen locks again.

  14. hydrostatic says

    ok after doing some research i come across this, ” flash to cricket, Verizon 4g micro sim card (this can be original or the old phone) if you do not have a sim card we can still flash the phone for talk & text, after you put sim card in, your 3g will work.” which is what i have, talk an text only. my wireless is connected to my home. which is why i guess when i try to put 3 or 4g on it just gets disconnected. so now my question is since all i have is talk an text do i need a sim card? if not is there still a way to remove this icon from appearing? or should i just ignore it? sorry for the multiple reply’s just trying to iron out the details and give as much info as possible.

  15. alex says

    Your response to this question(back in october) has just helped me.
    3 bars on the notification screen, been bugging me for weeks.
    THank you!

  16. Jerry says

    If your phone was tap, will an icon show up on the status bar? All of a sudden I’m getting that icon that looks like a music note with a / going through it. You have that icon in your chart, it said device speaker muted. How could that be when I’m talking on the phone?

    • says

      Hey, Jerry. Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure if this is exactly what you are experiencing, but the device speaker is the speaker on the back of the phone. The speaker you use when talking on the phone is a separate speaker, so your device speaker could be muted and you still be able to talk on the phone.

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