Mobile Security 101 [Infographic]

In the last decade or so, there has been an overwhelming level of consumer and business adoption of smartphone devices. Whether it is for personal use, sharing files and photos, communicating, emailing, and gaming, or for business use, also sharing files, networking, emailing, conference calling, and increasing productivity, the sheer amount of smartphone internet usage that occurs on a daily basis nowadays by the general population is astounding. But with all of this new technological activity, most smartphone users are completely unaware of the safety, privacy and cyber security issues that come along with smartphone usage. The overall assumption is that a smartphone is a phone, and it’s not like a computer or laptop that is susceptible to hacking. Well this is a news flash for anyone who things that way – smartphones can be hacked too! This infographic, Mobile Security 101, breaks down how your smartphone and the contact lists and information inside it might have already been shared with someone without you knowing it.

This infographic was produced by Brainloop, an Enterprise Software and Services company providing electronic document compliance management. Consider safely sharing documents with

Mobile Security 101

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Mobile Security 101

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