The Shortest Mission in Halo 4

You need to earn a challenge or unlock an achievement. You want to do it quickly and easily. You need to find the shortest mission in Halo 4. 

Halo 4 - Mission 1: Dawn

Introducing Dawn: The Shortest Mission in Halo 4

The very first mission of the game — Dawn — is the shortest mission in Halo 4. And not only is it short — it also has fewer enemies than other missions and the enemies aren’t all that difficult to fight. There are no Promethean Knights or Hunters. Just regular Covenant Grunts, Jackals, and Elites.

And you can also take a shortcut in one part of the mission to make it even shorter.

Why This Matters

Every week, there is a weekly challenge to complete a mission with a different assortment of skulls activated on Heroic or harder. The Skullduggery Achievement also requires completing a mission with 3 skulls activated on Heroic or harder.

The thing is, each skull makes the game play harder in some way. Whether there is less ammo left on the battlefield or the enemies are stronger, fighting through a mission on Heroic or harder is only tougher with skulls activated.

When you are trying to earn these achievements or complete these challenges, a short mission with few enemies is ideal. Thankfully, Dawn fits the bill perfectly

Question for you: What’s your favorite Halo 4 mission?

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  1. Jeremy says

    Infinity is my favorite mission in halo 4. The jungle is well made and detailed and the challenge of keeping the marines alive makes for a aggravating but fun experience.

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